VANCOUVER -- Tina Braumberger launched her designer resale store, Do Better Studios, in 2015.

Her goal was to extend the life of luxury clothes.

The reality is that most of the time luxury goods are never worn again after their initial wear, with many ending up in landfills.

Braumbergers business aims to disrupt the cycles of fast fashion.

She opened her first brick-and-mortar store in Vancouver in 2019, but her original start happened on eBay.

The eBay marketplace allows Braumberger to showcase her items to an international and national audience.

It also connects her with the conscious consumer who wants to lessen their environmental impact while seeking key high quality pieces.

Like many businesses COVID-19 brought unprecedented challenges to Braumbergers Vancouver store.

The doors were closed in the initial months of the pandemic, which restricted the ability to connect with local shoppers.

Braumberger used this as an opportunity to add more inventory to her website and eBay store.

Since Braumberger had leveraged eBay's support to develop a strong online presence she was able to maintain revenue during COVID-19.

For those inspired to make an extra dollar on the side or expand their online strategy, eBay has the tools and resources to help get online.

Right now eBay is offering 200 zero insertion fee listings, or more for those that have an eBay store.

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Do Better Studios is a local Vancouver business that people can support by selling or purchasing luxury goods.

They offer cash or consignment on authentic luxury handbags, shoes and accessories.

Sellers can submit online and ship items or in-home pickups are available in the lower mainland.

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